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A New Horizon for Healthcare In Latin America and the Caribbean

Hospitals International Holdings (HIH) is a healthcare solutions company aligning the brightest minds in medicine and management as equity partners, then leveraging their expertise to transform a dysfunctional medical system into one of conscientious care and integrated wellness. It’s a new vision for healthcare, seated in Latin American and the Caribbean that guarantees quality care and cost management, wellness education and superior patient experiences.

Building and Exporting the New Healthcare Vision

On a foundational level, HIH is invested in creating and managing integrated medical buildings (IMBs) and healthcare campuses, where services run a broad spectrum from primary care and naturopathic wellness to specialty surgeries and therapeutic treatments.

Within these campuses, international and U.S.-based physicians form elite healthcare teams that guarantee unrivaled patient experiences and quality procedural outcomes. And while each campus contributes to complete satisfaction and total wellness, they are simultaneously contributing to vital advances in healthcare. Teaching facilities, residency programs and academic training opportunities ensure that HIH is not only addressing the concerns of the present, it’s anticipating the needs of the future.

But the need for integrated care isn’t restricted to a single region. That’s why HIH goes beyond the campuses and IMBs to bridge the gap between developed and emerging healthcare markets. By coordinating medical travel to and from Latin America and the Caribbean, HIH fulfills the demands of multiple demographics, including locals, visiting tourists and international medical travelers. All in one place, and all with equal quality and affordability.

HIH Mission & Patient-Centric Philosophy

Hospitals International seeks to deliver high-quality, affordable healthcare throughout the Americas. Our integrated healthcare system connects physicians around the world in order to continuously enhance patient care and increase our value to the many communities we serve.

With this mission in mind, HIH is committed to each of the following ideals:

  • Delivering patient and family-centered care through a holistic approach to health, wellness and healthful living, driven in every aspect by sustainability.
  • Establish HIH hospitals and tertiary healthcare facilities as centers of excellence in surgery and wellness.
  • Integrate state-of-the-art technology to provide better cost management, higher quality care, wellness education and a seamless, stress-free patient experience.
  • Leading every effort with adherence to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal and corporate responsibility.
  • Developing our workforce by investing in opportunities for growth and success.
  • Becoming an integral part of the diverse communities we serve through respect, teamwork and intentional stewardship.

A Patient-Centered Model of Care

In each of these commitments, and at the core of the entire HIH business model, patient interest is the driving focus. Though it is not yet widely adopted in healthcare, HIH believes a patient-centric approach to healthcare creates more efficient operations, greater profits and better community engagement.

Patient-centered care is defined as a new model that aims to strengthen the healthcare system by addressing the comprehensive care of the patient in an integrated manner, rather than focusing solely on their emergent needs. In doing so, patients heal more effectively and leave the facility fully satisfied with their experience and care.

Our patient-centered model of care is based heavily on the advent of health information technologies and payment reform within the industry, and focuses on five key principles:

  • A Patient-Centered Orientation
  • Coordinated, Comprehensive, Team-Based Care
  • Access to Internationally Accredited Quality Care
  • Integrated, Data-Driven Approach to Quality
  • Organizational Dedication to Service

Corporate Responsibility

HIH is committed to a more responsible vision for private healthcare, and that commitment is driven by our founders’ sense of corporate social responsibility. In conjunction with our everyday mission to build and manage facilities, we are simultaneously exploring ways to facilitate quality healthcare services for those who can least afford them.

Our strategic approach to corporate social responsibility includes:

  • Working with ministers of health, non-governmental organizations and international organizations to conduct population health studies in select underserved communities, then using the data collected to guide medical missions and provide essential healthcare services in a more focused and efficient way.
  • Leveraging data to identify and prevent outbreaks of common diseases, including cholera, chikungunya, dengue fever, tuberculosis and others, that represent a threat to area residents as well as the tourism industry.
  • Sharing all data collected by HIH and its partners with relevant local authorities and publishing it as a resource in appropriate media.
  • Working with and assisting like-minded groups pursuing similar efforts, while being cautious not to duplicate anyone’s efforts in data reporting and analysis.

Meet Our Team

What makes you perfectly suited for your job?
Well, I love my job, and as the saying goes, “if you love what you do for a living, then you never work a day in your life!” But beyond that, I am excited about our ability to reach new clients across the globe and help them maximize their insurance coverage and savings. Insurance is an exciting industry to work in, since it is constantly evolving.

What moments in your professional history are you most proud of?
I went from working in sales to creating a whole new model for an insurance company, then I was able to see that endeavor to fruition and now I’ve been able to watch it expand into the organization it is today. Even now, the company is set for additional growth and I am very proud of the core team of professionals we’ve developed, all of whom are working diligently with me to take the company to the next level.

Why do you believe Hospitals International is the right place for you?
International medical tourism is an industry experiencing incredible growth, and with that there is a new opportunity and unlimited potential—I always enjoy being in on the ground floor of a new opportunity. Plus, in my time building and leading Captive Alternatives, I’ve developed broad-based knowledge of both domestic and international regulations, which is essential as we work to expand the reach and potential of HIH.

What makes healthcare a valuable pursuit for you?
The truth is, I saw a need. Based on that need I created unique self-insurance structures for doctors to utilize alongside their medical malpractice insurance, and with that I achieved my overarching goal of saving physicians money and effectively expanded their coverage. Today, I’ve been able to help form and manage more than 200 captive insurance companies, all of which are furthering that goal to assist physicians and help them maintain their success.

What makes you perfectly suited for your job?
This is just who I am—I’m a neurosurgeon and I’m driven. I’m an adventurous person who’s climbed mountains, taken canoeing trips in the remote Canadian wilderness, been to Nepal, been to Fiji, the Philippines. My personality is simply that I do these kinds of things; it pushed me to help build Tulsa Spine and Specialty (TSSH) 16 years ago and now I’m building HIH. Because I have the history and the knowledge to create this product that can be profitable but at the same time beneficial to the community.

What moments in your professional history are you most proud of?
I’ve enjoyed a lot of success in my professional life and have been a neurosurgeon now for over 30 years. But you know, it’s always family; my personal life comes first. TSSH continues to be successful, and HIH as an entity is still evolving. But I’ve been married to the same woman for 35 years, my kids are healthy and successful, and that’s a huge deal.

Why do you believe Hospitals International is the right place for you?
When my son and I decided to look off shore for the right opportunity to create a new, more efficient healthcare entity, it took five years. Five years of going back and forth to Punta Cana before we got the green light to build our flagship beginning. Now, this company that was created essentially for the sake of a single hospital, is positioned to expand its scope of care and, eventually, improve healthcare in this hemisphere and beyond. Poor countries are trying desperately to modernize their healthcare, and HIH is going to make it happen for them.

What makes healthcare a valuable pursuit for you?
You know, 90% of the surgeries in America can be done more efficiently. As a founding partner at TSSH, we learned how to deliver healthcare efficiently, with better outcomes and patient satisfaction scores that always ranked number one. Because the thing is, when you have physicians involved not just as care providers but actually involve them in the administration of healthcare, it’s much more efficient; they understand where the waste is and where quality is, so they know where to put money and where to cut. That’s the model that needs to be driving global healthcare; that same model that began at TSSH and gave rise to HIH.

What makes you perfectly suited for your job?
When I was involved with risk management in the healthcare sector, I was shocked to learn how misaligned intentions were in this industry. In approaching the problem of healthcare with a virgin eye, I’ve had to ask myself how [HIH] could deliver better care at a lower cost, and the answer involves breaking down this complicated system into its fundamental components and looking for its efficiencies. I’m good at that and at understanding how those components interact. And I just really like spreadsheets.

What moments in your professional history are you most proud of?
Really, it’s HIH. The industries I was in before, I had great opportunities but didn’t really have a striving purpose. When I chose to explore my purpose and dive headfirst into the development of HIH, I realized how fulfilled and proud I was to be changing the world for the better, even if it was in a small way.

Why do you believe Hospitals International is the right place for you?
The science of economics deals with how you can most efficiently utilize limited resources, which is an important concept in healthcare. And while price is how the market usually rations resources, in this industry there are real ethical consequences in price—you’re not dealing with whether or not someone can afford a car. That means price needs to incentivize efficiency and that’s what we’ve put into play with the HIH patient-centric model. We’ve proved to this industry that helping people and being profit motivated are not mutually exclusive.

What makes healthcare a valuable pursuit for you?
I remember one time I was flying back to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic and there was a woman flying her daughter to the states for a routine checkup. I thought to myself, “this is wrong”—healthcare isn’t being done right when people feel like they are without local access to the care they need. That’s when I decided to dedicate my life to better care for more people. Now I’m a part of something that’s changing people’s lives and making them better.

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